It's a new day! Back from camping and all went well. I think that everyone had a good time and we made a lot of new special memories. There were a lot of times that I really obviously missed Dave a lot but it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. We all still had a really good time and that was nice to do something that there were so many memories of with Dave and have us all make it through and have it be really great!
It was a beautiful trip in all ways and I am so thankful to be so blessed by the Lord.
Wow!  I sort of forgot the work that goes in to getting yourself prepped to go camping. The going through all the stuff to make sure that you have everything, getting stuff together that you don't have. Looking at the gigantic seemingly unmanageable  pile of it in your living room that you are wondering will I ever be able to pack this all and still drive the vehicle? I hope that I'm not forgetting anything and that I will be able to pack it all. The family has wanted to go camping so badly and this is a special memory for them of something that we did together with their Dad. I just hope that I have the strength to get through this and to make it a fun experience for everyone with lot's of memory building times!


    I Love my unbelievable family, working with High School youth, to knit and crochet and pretty much do anything that involves manipulating yarn.


    August 2010


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